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My story

I started campaigning when I went to university in 2006. I’d always had an interest in politics and society so when I was 18 and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I chose to do a Politics degree. University allowed me to get involved in a whole host of new activities from playing Squash to campaigning on issues of social justice. I volunteered with great charities Envision and Oxfam outreach whilst at University. With Envision I helped mentor young adults on social projects of their choice. With Oxfam Outreach I campaigned on issues of international development.
When I left university I still did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up on an apprenticeship scheme with E.On, which led to a permanent job with them. I complete Energy Performance Certificates and technical surveys for insulation projects. Outside of E.On I continued to campaign for a better world. I started volunteering with Birmingham Friends of the Earth, followed by The Real junk Food Project Birmingham, Community Energy Birmingham, and the Birmingham Film Co-op. I am heavily involved with Co-operatives like Central England Co-op and sometimes campaign for the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party. Everything that I am involved tries to make the world a better place. 
I’ve not just gained skills and experience in campaigning with these groups, I’ve also made friends and formed strong social bonds with those that share similar values. I’ve been across Europe via train with members of Birmingham Friends of the Earth and had group therapy crying sessions in the pub with members of the Labour Party were elections have not gone the way we wanted. On top of all of this, I am trying to learn the piano, with mixed success. 
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My World

My Philosophy

I believe that in order to enact change, we have to lead by example. The climate emergency feels abstract to a lot of people and out of sync with their day to day actions. The climate emergency is getting worse, in the UK we had the highest ever reported temperature of 38.7 degrees Celsius and erratic weather patterns like flash flooding are becoming more common. In order to reduce the effects of the climate emergency we must create a better society, where growth is not seen as the end goal. It is no coincidence that the more equal a country is, the happier and more sustainable its citizens are.

Fighting successfully against the climate emergency will involve massive policy change and the restructuring of our society. Many of these changes seem daunting, but they are possible if the political will is there. It is upto us as a collective to campaign for a fairer society and to reduce the negative consequences of the climate emergency

Future Vision

We create a society where happiness and the environment are placed front and centre. Where active travel, and public transport are given priority and we have plenty of green spaces that are both environmentally friendly and pleasant to be around. Most importantly our society is no longer dependent on fossil fuels to power our activities, things like renewable energy and community owned assets allow individuals to work together to create a society that benefits everybody