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The Australian Bushfires and the wider Climate Emergency

I guest appear on the Not Enough Champagne Podcast

Late last year I guest appeared on the Not Enough Champagne. We covered topics like Greta Thunberg, Co-operatives and Brexit and the Premier League. My most recent appearance was to discuss the recent Australian Bushfires and its implications for the Climate Emergency.

On this episode, we covered the phases of the story. The sheer scale of the damage, which is staggering. Australia is the size of Europe and the ecological damage is monumental and will take hundreds of years to repair itself. Animals from insects to koala bears have lost their habitat and humans have lost some of the Oxygen lungs that we rely on in the forests.

We also covered the political responses. High level politicians like Scott Morrison and Donald Trump have been lukewarm to the Climate Emergency at the very best. On a superficial basis the Climate Emergency seems to be a vote winner, but politicians like Trump have been able to win elections on a pro Coal campaign.

To finish with, we reflect on what the future could hold. Without radically reshaping our society, events like this will become normalised and will stop being shocking.

If you like this small snap shot of the discussion we had, you can listen to the full episode here.




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