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The (virtual) Artefact Quiz Volume 2

Team Shaziety.com bicker about the contents of their fridges.

Since the Artefact remains closed, the Artefact Quiz had to stay on the internet. Team Shaziety.com with added Tom Pratt looked to build on the branding exercise of the first quiz, to further promote my website to a key target demographic. Seb hosted the quiz via twitch once more. I was certain that one of the rounds would be a League of Legends tournament.


Mrs Doubtfire Directors Cut?

Unlike Shaz, Seb is a fan of watching films. Round one of the quiz involved trying to name a film based on an African version of the film poster. There were some odd posters. One of the posters was of Mrs Doubtfire. What was strange about it was that in this poster Mrs Doubtfire had impaled a teenage boy through the eye with a broom. That scene must have been an African exclusive. Another poster was meant to have Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Terminator film, but it looked more like Sylvester Stallone in a Rambo film. Team Shaziety.com did not do well in this round.


Our biggest weakness

Round 2 involved identifying film or TV show theme songs. Shaz has not watched a film since 2011 so this round always fills him with trepidation. There were some classic TV themes from Shaz’s childhood, including Red Dwarf and Star Trek: Deep Space 9. If Team Shaziety.com are ever to seriously challenge for the win, we will have to study film and music themes, even if we don’t watch them.



Round 3 brought shame to most of those playing the quiz. This round was based upon important and historical Black people, who are not recognised in the way they should be. Proving the point of the round, we got 2 out of 12 and many teams got 6 or under. We had heard of names like Alexander Dumas, who wrote The Three Musketeers, but did not recognise his face. Dianne Abbot, the first female black MP in the UK elected in the year that I was born, in 1987, was one of the two answers that we got correct. Team Shaziety.com strives to learn more about important Black and Ethnic Minority historical figures. #BlackLivesMatter


A Future Olympian 

Round 4 was an observation round. We watched a video of a young girl called Elodie, competing in the Toddler Steeple Chase. She competed in 11 events in the video. Events included, Teal Slide, Climbing Wall and most importantly, Ice Tea on the Lawn. Elodie competed bravely and I assumed won gold as no other competitors were featured. Most teams scored full marks on this round as they rightly worked out that the observation questions would be based on the rounds that Elodie was competing in.


 Jabba the Trump

Round 5 saw politicians having their face swapped with cartoon characters in a good round for team Shaziety. Added Tom Pratt was helpful for us. He was the only one to identify General Pinochet. My personal highlight was horse riding Vladimir Putin with the face of Rasputin. We confused Priti Patel and Theresa May.


Mr Wimpey’s Special Sauce


Round 6 proved to be controversial. Initially it was an Instagram based round, but developed away from that. Seb had a list of 9 items and if you had them you scored points. If you had more than one of one thing you scored points for each of them. So if you had six jars of mustard in your fridge, you’d score six points. I had a lot of out of date beer, which proved beneficial to our team. In a shocking revelation, Wimpy’s Special Sauce is a real life thing found in Ben Mabbett’s fridge. Instagram approved of Wimpy’s Special Sauce. The round proved controversial because there were no points cap, meaning that some teams could score a huge amount of points in this seemingly random round. It could have made the knowledge needed to score points in the other rounds less meaningful. None of this matter to Team Shaziety.com as we knew that we’d come joint last. The biggest result of this round was my Instagram page being bombarded by photos of items in fridges, including Brewdog’s Barnard Castle Eye Test beer in Tom Pratt’s fridge.

Always thinking of my Share Price

Midlands Death Metal


Round 7 was the final round. It was a second music based round. In this round we had to name the songs and artists from the Midlands. To the horror of Team Shaziety.com, this music round did not feature Birmingham’s national anthem from Black Sabbath. Once we had recovered from this trauma we correctly named some band and incorrectly named others, including Judas Priest who are from West Bromwich, which is tantalisingly close to Birmingham. We did fail to identify Death/ Core pioneers Napalm Death. Team Shaziety .com team member Sandra was fined one weeks wages for her glaring lack of knowledge.


Another successful Virtual Quiz


Predictably, the quiz ended. Team Shaziety.com came joint last as only the teams that come in the top three are revealed. Unless Team Shaziety.com study film and TV music, this will repeatedly happen. Alternatively we could bribe Seb into making the music rounds about Nickelback. Team Shaziety.com may or may not enter into negotiations to make this a reality. We enjoyed the quiz. Will the next one be online or will it be back at the Artefact? If it’s online they will get more people playing, but if it is in the Artefact they can monetise it and as Capitalism has taught us, that is all that matters. Team Shaziety.com look forward to next months quiz to continue the branding exercise.

Answer sheet
Our answer sheet


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