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Slipknot and Behemoth.

As an angry 15 year old, Slipknot were one of shaz's favourite bands. As an angry 32 year old, he went to see them live and reaffirmed that they are one of his favourite bands.

I have seen Slipknot twice before and thought that their most recent album, “we are not your kind” was fantastic. With encouragement from a man named Simon, I decided to go and see them live once more. Slipknot is the best kind of music for when your mom tells you to clean your room and you don’t want to.

Slipknot were supported by one of the titans of black and death metal, Behemoth. I’d not listened to much of them before so I listened to one of their albums before the gig. They have a distinctive look and sound, along with violent and elicit lyrics. The drummer in particular was spectacular.

Moving on to the main event. Slipknot have been going for well over 20 years now and have a very diverse back catalogue. From the chaotic wall of noise of the Iowa songs, to the hooks of psychosocial and duality, slipknot are a force of nature. They have arguably the best voice in metal in Corey Taylor and 3 percussionists. Everything about the band screams chaos.

My favourite songs were the ones from volume 3; the subliminal verses. Duality, before I forget and vermilion, I feel blend the best of the wall of noise and hooks that Slipknot have to offer. Every time I see Slipknot they astound me. A fun and angry time was had by all.

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