Elected as Chair of Community Energy Birmingham

Shaz is elected as Chair of Community Energy Birmingham


Community Energy Birmingham held a board meeting at the end of July. In this meeting we discussed internal elections. Angela who has been Chair said that she’d like to step down from the role. Angela has been an excellent Chair for CEB and CEB says thank you to Angela for being Chair.

After I had a chat with both Phil and Angela about who the be the next Chair will be, they both had faith in me to be a successful Chair for CEB.

I put myself forward to be Chair. Beck Collins has returned to active duty on the CEB Board and put herself forward to be Vice Chair. The rest of the Board have voted us to these positions so we join John Newson as Treasurer and Phil Beardmore as Secretary. We also formally Co-opted George Simms to the Board.

Future Business planning

In June we had our AGM. In our AGM we said that we will be evaluating our purpose and look at reviewing our business model. We started this process at our most recent Board Meeting and I am excited to help CEB in this process as Chair. We know that our previous model of putting solar panels on community buildings via the Feed In Tariff is no longer possible. We will survey how other community energy co-ops are acting in a post Feed in Tariff environment. There are professionalised Energy Co-ops who have diversified beyond Feed in Tariff based solar. 

If you would like to learn more about Community Energy Birmingham check out our website. We welcome new members and those who want to get involved in community energy.

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