Interviewed for Coop News

Shaz is interviewed for the August 2020 edition of Coop News

I’ve written several posts about Coop Press. After I successfully won an election to the board I was asked by editor Rebecca Harvey for an interview for the next print edition of Coop News. I’ve attended my first board meeting, where I started to gain a greater understanding about the culture of the organisation. I also met some of the other board members for the first time. In these Covid 19 times our board meeting was held on Zoom.

Below are some highlights from the interview;

  • I spoke about how I first got involved in Coops through campaigning with Birmingham Friends of The Earth.
  • I mentioned how transformative I believe Coops can be. The two way relationship between members and the Coops can help deliver our shared goals.
  • In times of Covid 19 Coops are more resilient than the average business and can help us adapt to whatever the new normal is.
  • I’d like Coop News to try to spread our reach, as we are too insular.

The full interview is available to read in the August 2020 print edition of Coop News. It is also available to read online.



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