Elected to the Co-op Press Board

In a new experience for him, Shaz wins a contested election.

I have been elected to the Co-op Press Board for the next three years. I am happy to join the organisation and support Co-op News. I hope that my experience of being a director of numerous campaigning and community co-ops will be of benefit. On top of this I hope that Shaziety.com will be helpful. I write about co-ops and promote the co-op message via this blog.

This afternoon I had my induction to the board with Editor of Co-op News, Rebecca Harvey. She taught me about the history of Co-op Press, and where the organisation sits within the Co-op movement currently. We also talked about our shared, niche fandom of Baseball.

She also interviewed me on my experiences of being a Co-operator; from joining Birmingham Friends of the Earth in 2011 to being elected as a Co-op Press board member last week. I also talked about my desire to make the Co-op movement more inclusion. We need to reach a younger, more diverse audience and I believe that Co-op News can be a part of that. When the interview is featured in Co-op News, I’ll make sure that I post it on this blog.

I look forward to being an active member of the Co-op Press Board. Potentially I’ll be posting more about my experiences of Co-op Press in the future.

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