Standing for Co-op Press in their Board election

Shaz stands for election in the world of Co-op Press

I’m standing for election to be on the Co-op News Board. Co-op News does what it says in the title. It reports on news within the Co-operative sector. I’ve been a member for two years and would like to contribute to the organization. I’ve been writing consistently, and I’ve written about Co-ops when I can. I believe that the Co-op movement needs to reach out and try to find new, younger members to keep the movement going long term. My election address is written below. If you are a member of Co-op News, please vote for me. Eligible voters have been emailed voting instructions. The election closes on Wednesday the 17th of June.

Election address

“I have been a supporter and member of various Co-ops for nearly ten years; from the Co-op Party to Revolver Co-op. I am a director of Birmingham Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning organisation. I am also a director of Community Energy Birmingham, and the Birmingham Film Co-op. In all of these organisations I help set the long term strategy and vision of the organisations. I am currently chair of Birmingham Friends of the Earth and perform secretarial duties for Community Energy Birmingham. On top of this I am the Chair of the Western Region of Central England Co-op’s Membership and Community Council, in which I Chair meetings and liaise with the council to ensure that we execute Central England Co-op’s community engagement strategy.

I strongly believe that the Co-operative sector does incredible work and can be transformative, Co-operative values and governance structures help value their members Co-op News is important because it spreads the great work that the Co-op Sector does, which is often overlooked by wider society. I do think that the Co-op sector is too insular and needs to become better at outwardly promoting itself. I am engaged in a wide range of Co-op activities and can hopefully help steer Co-op News into attracting more, younger co-operators.

In terms of writing I have a blog, which concerns environmental campaigning. As part of this I write about my co-op activities. (You are reading about my Co-op activities right now!”)

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