The Woodland Games 2023

An introduction to the Woodland Games

September the 9th 2023 saw the second iteration of the Woodland Games; a nature based, family sports day at the Hazelwell Park in Stirchley South Birmingham.I am part of the Artefact House band, which provided the soundtrack to the activities. The Woodland Games began with a loud and colourful procession from Artefact, a workers Co-op on Stirchley High Street. The process entered Hazelwell Park to the main riff from eye of the tiger played on keyboard by myself and guitarist Alex.

Blade Runner

Once everybody had entered the park and settled down the Woodland Games began. Two games were played. The first was called Blade Runner and involved teams running from one end of the park to the other to collect a giant blade of grass that they could only carry with claws. The participants were serenaded by the Artefact House Band playing the end credits theme song from the film “Blade Runner.” I played the bassline on my keyboard.

Blade Runner

Command and Conker

The second game known as Command and Conker, where teams fired giant, papier mache Conkers from a Trebuchet at a target far away. Not all the Conkers were fired successfully, which meant that the Conkers that were launched successfully were cheered all the louder. The Artefact House band angrily played the “Hell March” from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 to hype those taking part in this game up. Once again I played the bassline. this time through a synthy keyboard sound. This enhanced the war-esque sounds of the “Hell March.”

Command and Conker

Medal Ceremony

The Woodland Games were wrapped up with a medal ceremony and a planting of a tree in the park. The participants wore their medals proudly and definitely deserved it by taking part on the hottest day of the year. Amazingly, the Artefact House Band was powered by a Solar Generator, meaning that we were sustainably powered! To end, The Artefact House band soothed the medallists with an off kilter rendition of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth.”

Medal Ceremony

Central Co-op

A great day was had by all in the sun. The local community came together to celebrate nature and partake in sports games that require co-operation to succeed. The event was also supported by Central Co-op, who provided fruit and seedbooks to those attending. It was great for me to be able to represent both the Artefact House band and Central Co-op at the Woodland Games.

Central Co-op Stand



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