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Wellington Quiz Creative Round 26.5.2024

Create your own election manifesto


Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak surprised everybody, including his own party, by calling a General Election for Thursday the 4th of July. He stood in the rain getting soaked to announce the election campaign was to begin, allegedly because there was no budget for umbrellas in his spending plans

The Conservative Party have seemingly hit the randomiser on their policy front with new ideas such as National Service for 18 year olds.

The Creative round task for this week is to design and launch your own election manifesto for an election. What would your policies be? How would you pay for them? Tax increases? Looking for money down the back of the sofa once a week? Spending 10% of GDP on Dogecoin?


You need to think of the name of your political party, 5 policies, how they will be funded and a catchy campaign slogan to promote your manifesto.


(Marks out of 20)



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