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Wellington Creative Round 23.6.2024

The sporting summer is with us. We have Euro 2024 at the moment with plenty more sport on the way, including Wimbledon, and the Olympics.

For the creative round this quiz you have to invent a new sport.*

What will you prioritise? Athleticism? Football IQ? The ability to walk on your head?

You need to explain the concept of your sport, the rules, and how you win. Drawings of your sport in action are optional, but will help achieve higher marks.

Marks out of 20

*Shaz recently attempted to play Dart Scrabble, where you have to hit a number on the dartboard. Whilst one person plays darts the other person plays scrabble, until the first person hits the number they want on the dartboard. The two players swap. For some reason unknown reason only the scrabble points counted towards the end score.

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