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Newcastle part 1

Shaz forays into Newcastle for the first time

I’ve been to Newcastle once before. It took me 9 hours to get here via coach, only for me to leave after 20 minutes to get a train to Berwick upon Tweed. This time I’m here for a long weekend.

To start with I visited the Life museum as it is located next door to the train station. The Life museum is aimed at children, but can be appreciated by all those that like science. There is a museum in Birmingham called the Think tank, which is similar to The Life Museum.

I explored the two main sections of the museum. Unexpectedly I went back to front, by visiting the Brain exhibition first. In this exhibition there were interactive exhibits explaining about how our brains work. I especially enjoyed the number sequence memory challenge. I can comfortably remember a sequence of five numbers, but not a sequence of six numbers. Another brain exhibit that I had fun with, was a model brain broken up to into a jigsaw style puzzle. Unfortunately I failed to put the model brain back together.

The other main exhibition was about Space. There were explanations about the a space station works, how people live and work in space. My favourite part was being able to pretend to be a weather man. Snow in Morocco!

After having too much fun in The Life Museum I went to the pub. There is a Brewdog next door to my hotel! I’m currently sat in one of the oldest pubs in Newcastle, drinking a pint of Tyneside Blonde. A quality beer for only £3.25!

More adventures to follow.

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