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Community Energy Birmingham launch third Community Share Offer

CEB seek to raise £26,700 in return for a 4 per cent rate of return

Community Energy Birmingham are pleased to be able to hold a third Community Share Offer. Building on our second Community Share Offer held in conjunction with Pioneer Housing Group, we are looking to enact another joint venture. This time around we seek to put solar panels on Vale Stadium. A football stadium that is home to Romulus of the Midlands Football League, as well as other non league football clubs. The stadium is also used by the local community for functions like birthday parties and corporate business events.

Why now?

We were able to pre-register the Feed in Tariff rate before the scheme was formally closed. This means that if we can install and register the panels before March the 21st, we can claim the Feed in Tariff rate. We would also charge Pioneer Housing group for the electricity at a much lower price than the market rate. With this arrangement both parties benefit. Pioneer get cheap electricity and CEB can use this money on top of the Feed in Tariff rate money to pay a 4 per cent rate of return to our member investors.


The time scales involved in this project are very tight. They are set out in the Community Share Offer Document, which is available by email from . The application form to buy shares is also available from this email address.

An individual or organisation can invest between £250 and £10,000 and the various risks are outlined in the Share Offer Document. Our previous two Community Share Offers were a success and CEB have paid the 4 per cent set out in these two share offers as predicted.

If you are interested in investing please get in touch immediately as our time deadline is very strict because we have to install and register this project before March the 21st.

* The picture in this article is of one of CEB’s Solar Arrays at Pioneer Housing Group.

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