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Community Energy Birmingham’s Successful Share Offer

Community Energy Birmingham Successfully install Solar Panels at Vale Stadium

In a previous post I talked about Community Energy Birmingham launching a third Community Share Offer. I am a Director and investor member in Community Energy Birmingham. The third Share Offer was to raise £26,700 to install solar panels on Vale Stadium. Vale Stadium is a football stadium and community centre based in Castle Vale, Birmingham.

Happily for us, we successfully raised the required capital from our members and our contractors EBRL installed the panels on the stadium on the 6th of March. We registered the panels in time to still receive the Feed in Tariff. We’d installed 109 Solar Panels on the roof of the stadium with upto 29.9 Kilowatts being generated.

Thank you to everybody who invested in our third Community Share Offer. The panels are generating renewable electricity that the stadium can use.

If you would like to know more about Community Energy Birmingham, please look at the Community Energy Birmingham Website.



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