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I’ve planted an apple tree

Shaz attempts to grow an apple tree in his garden once more.

I’ve written about my garden before. On the whole it has been very successful in creating a nature friendly space that is easy to maintain. I’ve also blogged about my favourite tree, which is a tree almost directly in front of my house, on the estate that I live. Trees are wonderful, carbon storing organisms that we must encourage to flourish. In my gardening life the only consistent failure are my attempts to grow apple trees. I’ve had several failed attempts. Clay filled soil was the initial excuse given. This year I was handily given an apple tree, meaning I can have another go at growing apples in my garden. I am now in possession of a Discovery Apple Tree, which sounds like it a Star Trek version of an apple tree. I’ve little knowledge of what kind of apple a discovery apple is. I’m excited to find out by growing them! From my research it is a small reddish apple with roots from the 1940s.

With the directions of fellow gardeners in a Signal group. I planted the apple tree Near a strawberry patch. My initial plans to plant the tree next to the left hand fence was scuppered by the Signal Gardeners. I got as far as digging a hole. After I had replaced the soil in the first hole, I took the advice of the Signal Gardeners and dug a new hole by the Raised Bed, where Strawberries live. Planting went as follows. I dug a big hole. It turns out that the soil at the surface has a lot less clay in it than the soil deep below the surface. I dug out big lumps of clay. In my newly dug hole I put lots of compost and some Blood Fish, which is a fertiliser that I was given. Next up the Discovery Apple Tree was planted. Followed by more compost, and Blood Fish. Finally, I watered the newly planted tree with water from the Water Butt.

It’s been a nice couple of days. Hopefully the roots of the apple tree will take hold in the soil in my garden. Having had numerous failures, I hope that this apple tree is a success. Keep an eye out for Discovery Apple updates on this website. It would be lovely in the future to be able to eat apples grown in my garden, along with the potatoes, and strawberries that consistently grow.

If you have any tips on how I can give this apple tree the best chance of success than please get in touch. Advice from gardeners is welcome!

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